Friday, 16 July 2010


Utopia (a Cogwheel Dogs sketch)

Be careful where you tread
waking up the dead
rocking with the child
in fiction's chair you read

Possessed by a past
That was almost had
Taking back the reign
Nice and slow
and it's timeless in the head
written on her grave
like I've always known

here lies the apparition of a station
passed too soon, all
hail to the con artist who sold the fix
and then accused us

and it's always for the best
if you don't try to understand it
trust/think you've always known

Here lies the ghost of Furey's living memory
can't destroy her
Re-paves the way for what once was
And, no, he can't avoid it

Always known

Here lies the silent filmstar's
bed of sleepers, on track she knew well
Who is the driver of the screaming freight he'll cut right through her

Always known.

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