Friday, 16 July 2010


Utopia (a Cogwheel Dogs sketch)

Be careful where you tread
waking up the dead
rocking with the child
in fiction's chair you read

Possessed by a past
That was almost had
Taking back the reign
Nice and slow
and it's timeless in the head
written on her grave
like I've always known

here lies the apparition of a station
passed too soon, all
hail to the con artist who sold the fix
and then accused us

and it's always for the best
if you don't try to understand it
trust/think you've always known

Here lies the ghost of Furey's living memory
can't destroy her
Re-paves the way for what once was
And, no, he can't avoid it

Always known

Here lies the silent filmstar's
bed of sleepers, on track she knew well
Who is the driver of the screaming freight he'll cut right through her

Always known.

the adopted object being: whatever he is carrying

What is it?

Carry that weight

Saturday, 10 July 2010


After my first (not wholly unsuccessful) attempt at becoming a mermaid having swam in the river yesterday, I thought it might be appropriate to put this up on here.

There's a little legend up in a place called The Roaches, near where I went to school in the peaks of the Staffordshire Moorlands about a little hidden place called 'Mermaid's Pool' - a secluded pool near to the 'The Winking Man'- a rock that appears to wink as you go past it, due to a hole within it being covered and uncovered by a rock just behind it. I've always pretended that I could see this, but I don't think I ever actually did. Or at least, I can't remember if and when the lie became true.

Mermaid's Pool has always been a bit of a mystery to me. I was always fascinated by it, and have so many images in my head when I think of the place, although I honestly can't say which ones are real and which ones are from my imagination

According to the legend, the pool is meant to have been made from a splash of the Atlantic ocean, I liked the idea of smuggling samples of objects from her home - pebbles collected from the beaches of the Atlantic coast. This song sort of alludes to the memory of this place. But that's not what it's about.


Doesn't feel like you're really here
A call's synthetic tease,
Isn't just my imagination
Siren a splash from Atlas' sea
Will she make an appearance here?

Who do you turn to
When it's all up in the air
Who does she sing to
When there's nobody there

Sometimes when invisible
I came here, a ritual pebble's throw
Smuggled a sample of her home

Who do we turn to
When there's nobody left
What rocks would you cling to
When you're out of your depth

Father History looking on
Now you feel the weight of what you've done

Who would she sing to
If there was nobody there

Doesn't feel like you're really here