Saturday, 26 January 2008

Ice House

I couldn't believe how the Victorians built these giant 'Ice houses' and stored ice that thewy shipped in, in order to preserve their food. I n this case it was on The Thames. But it was extraordinary. It was a good job I had a torch or I could havevery easily met my death out there.My camrea died, so I have rubbish phone piuctures. The echoes in the giant brick igloo were fantastic.

Apparently it was owned by Lord Harcourt back in the day and he presumably got people to ship in rthe ice from the arctic. How funny, and it was at the top of thi sgiant hill - which seemed odd to me...Practically having to climb a cliff, in order to reach the place where it was stored. (Maybe it had to be deep in order to keep the ice cool?) But it strikes me that perhaps there is another entry - an undergrouhnd tunnel perhaps? I need to investigate further. haha, it wa quite funny thogh - I found the 'proper' path as soon as I'd foot-sledged down the near-cliff sloped hill.

I'm going to go back and take some pictures, because I can't get my phone pictures on to here - not that you can make out a damn thing in them anyway.

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