Tuesday, 28 August 2007


Listening on my ipod to girl anachronism, whilst mowing the lawn, naturally you speed up (I was sort of inspired by the way Tom described it as the 'envelope stuffing' track...) Anyway, accidentally disturbed what must have been part of a wasps nest..or something, musty have been about 8 or nine of them......in a moment of panic, with the ipod lead entangled in the mower lead, which in turn was wrapped partly over my shoulder/round my neck (rto prevent me from electrocuting myself by mowing the wire) I was unable to figure out what to do....I mean, it *should* be simple, you 'let go' and the thing automatically switches off.....but I think as a result of a number of factors, exacerbated perhaps by the panic in the music I was unable to apply logic, so sort of carried on mowing, raising my flymo to a sort of defense position, as if attempting to 'air mow'...(wasn't trying to hurt htem you understand just show them whos boss, you know)...this did not deter the wee angry, striped little blighters, as perhaps I should have expected. Heart a-pounding I managed to regain sense, and quickky untangled myself from the bright orange wire, and made a run for it...
why was it relevant to note the bright orange wire?

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