Monday, 19 March 2007


an old box of childhood drawings was re-discovered. I couldn't stop examining them.
i displayed them all in a garage, and videoed them ('videoed' is a strange word when written in type)

I had an obsession with these tall women, pushing pushchairs in their high-heeled shoes, domestic women, with horses heads.
Also umbrellas. Witches with large black hooked umbrellas. And school memories.

I believe this is some of the best work I've ever done. When I was 4 1/2. I started thinking about trying to get back to a state of innocence and the opposite of learning. Unlearning bad habits of convention.
I used to only do these drawings on rough paper. They weren't 'proper' drawings *to be seen* They were 'throw-away' drawings. Literally. I was embarrassed to be churning them out at such a rate...adn I remember burning some of them on the fire in the living room.
But I couldn't relax into doing them, if I knew they were on 'proper' paper. It needed to be a lined 99p pad or something. I remember that feeling very well.
Some of the images were quite disturbing. I daresay it was god fo me to do them. I don't know.
it's easier to show them now, as it feels quite removed from then - as if it was a different person. But because I am currently trying my hardest to get *back* that state - I am concerned, slightly, that I mihtwake up one day and be extremely self-conscious about them. So until then, I will show them here. Because I like them to be alive and seen. They've waited quite a few years.

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monkey said...

i worked with a student a couple of years ago who tried to recreate childish/innocent drawings and no matter what we did and how we approached it it just came out to refined.
i have a student doing the same thing this year for their fmp and she has nailed it, the difference i found was that she couldnt draw to start off with and so her drawings had that untouched innocence.
this is something i feel we loose when we decicde to take an interest in drawing.